The PCOS Diet: Eating Well For a Healthier You

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PCOS Diet: Eating Well for a Healthier You was written to assist PCOS patients who wish to manage their condition through proper diet and exercise. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is genetic in nature, and can be a chronic problem if left untreated.


The book is divided into two distinct parts. Part 1: Introduction deals with the essential information regarding PCOS. If you wish to know more about this condition, I have prepared an informative overview in the section Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).


Information about the common symptoms of this disease can be found in PCOS Symptoms. For more information on what to expect when you visit your physician, read Visiting a Doctor for the First Time. If you are curious about the treatments available for PCOS, you can reference the section General Treatment for PCOS.


Part 2: The PCOS Diet deals with the complex and interrelated factors that come into play when designing a unique PCOS diet. For more information on the general principles of a sensible PCOS diet, read the section General Principles of a PCOS Diet. For advanced techniques on creating perfect meal plans, check out Essential Strategies. More advanced information can be found toward the end of the book.
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