The Energy Balance: Reiki Healing & You

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The Energy Balance: Reiki Healing & You, was designed for novice and intermediate practitioners of the art of reiki. Reiki is a relaxation and energy healing method designed by Mikao Usui in Japan. This book is divided into three parts, each with its own special function.


If you want a brief introduction on reiki (what it is and what it does) you can read the sections “Healing Through Reiki” and “Roots & Meanings” in Part 1 of the book. Additional information as to what reiki can offer to a first time practitioner can be found in the section “Reiki Essentials” and “Advantages of Reiki”. If you want to know more about reiki’s spiritual principles, you can read “Reiki & Human Spirituality”.


Part 2: Preparation is all about the conditioning phase that every student of reiki needs to complete before attempting to channel ki,or universal energy. To know more about how universal energy affects our wellbeing, you can read the sections “The Five Energetic Bodies” and “Energy Pathways”.


To discover the underlying principles and foundation of reiki, head over to “The Five Pillars of Reiki”. You will also discover how to apply the foundational principles in “The Power of the Present” and “Applying the Five Pillars of Reiki”. For those of you who are attending a reiki healing session for the first time, you may want to read “Frequently Asked Questions” so you will know what to expect during a reiki session.


Part 3: Mastering Reiki is all about applying your newfound reiki skills. There is a section in this part of the book where I describe the ceremony of attunement (“A Word on Attunements”). To find out more about the signs used during a reiki session, read the section “The Four Symbols of Reiki”. If you are ready to begin applying reiki, and you have already channelled ki, head over to “Reiki Healing Hand Positions” and “Self-Healing With Reiki”. X

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