The Ultimate Guide To Golf

$ 14.99

The Ultimate Guide To Golf is a complete golf training resource. The book starts with the basics, but also offers an overview of all the important golf shots you need to master, as well as strategies to deal with the tough shots and how to handle mistakes when they happen.


The Ultimate Guide to Golf helps you:


• Discover the mental game.

• Learn the basics.

• Find out how your stance plays a role.

• Learn about chipping.

• Discover common mistakes.

• Discover where your average score should be.

• Find out the difference between steel and graphite shafts.

• Discover how to hold your club.

• Learn the secret to your back swing.

• Does balance really effect my game?

• Learn how to practice without any equipment.

• Discover why you need to prepare for your next shot!

• Learn how being calm and relaxed can help you.

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