March 13 2014 Thursday at 05:06 PM

New Book Alert - Achieve Weight Loss With the Baby Food Diet

This diet has been around for a while, but the book Achieve Weight Loss With the Baby Food Diet by Kristen Michele gives a full overview of the diet and how to safely follow the diet plan and ultimately lose weight. One of the best features of the book is all the great recipes for making your own baby food at home - a helpful tip for new Moms as well!


The book comes in epub format so readable on any digital reading device and is 98 pages.


Here is the Table of Contents:

  1. How to Use This Book
  2. Part 1: Introduction to Weight Loss and Proper Nutrition
    • Avoiding Dangerous Weight Loss Practices
    • Beginning a Low Calorie Diet for the First Time
    • Getting Your Doctor’s Opinion
    • What Is Your Caloric Requirement?
    • Learn How to Measure Calories
    • Start Writing a Daily Food Journal
    • Choose the Right Types of Food Every Day
  3. Part 2: The Baby Food Diet
    • How the Baby Food Diet Works
    • The Theory Behind the Baby Food Diet
    • The Baby Food Diet Under Expert Scrutiny
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of the Baby Food Diet
    • Succeeding With Your Weight Loss Goals
    • The Ultimate Guide to Super Foods
    • Baby Food Recipes
  4. References

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