Smoothies 101: Your Guide To Fabulous Smoothies

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Smoothies 101: Your Guide to Fabulous Smoothies was designed to help people who want to make tasty and nutritious smoothies in the comfort of their home. It is no secret that smoothies are costly if purchased from stores and bars, so it makes a lot of sense to just make them at home.


With some ripe fruits, a few other ingredients, and the aid of a regular food processor, any person can make a great smoothie at home. The process is simple and can be mastered easily by anyone who wishes to make smoothies at home.


This book is divided into two parts. Part 1: Introduction contains a bit of my back story and a short guide to making smoothies. If you need some preliminary information and tips on how to make great smoothies, please read Fast Tips for Beginners.


Part 2: Smoothies Galore contains a wealth of recipes that you can use to make great smoothies. If you are looking for recipes that are specifically geared toward children, see the section Kids Rule!


For individuals who are looking for vegan smoothies that are nutritious and tasty, head over to the section Vegetarian Concoctions. I have also included a section where you can easily combine a variety of ingredients to come up with your own signature smoothie recipe.

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